How your film will be judged

All jury members of the Young Lions Film Competition will use the same judging sheet to judge your work: a film of 60 seconds max.

In Cannes you will also need to present your work in a presentation of no more than 10 slides. This will not be the case for the Belgian selection.

Below you will find the judging criteria. The jury members will be asked to give a rate from 1 to 3 on the following criteria.

1 = no shortlist or medal
2 = possible shortlist/Bronze winner
3 = Gold or Silver winner

Creativity50%Is the work innovative and surprising or have you seen similar work before?1-2-3
Strategy20%Is there a strong idea at the heart that brings the campaign together?
Relevancy to the brief20%Does the work answer the clients brief?
Execution10%Is there rigour in the execution? Would the campaign work? How well-crafted is the work?

Extra criterium in Belgian Competition :

Emotional engagementBonusAccording to Les Binet and Peter Field,
creativity increases efficiency. Over the long-term, it is emotional advertising, that will deliver long-term succes. How strong is the emotional engagement of the spot with the viewer?


After the individual scoring, the jury will hold a plenary discussion and will agree on the winning team that will go to Cannes.