Tips & winning examples

3 Tips from Elnara Yalaltdi (Bronze winner 2018)

1. Team first

Young Lions Film Competition is very stressful. Thats why we recommend you to participate with someone, who you know and worked together before. That will help you to avoid unexpected situations and to make your work as productive as it possible.

2. Keep it simple

Don’t be afraid of simple idea. Remember that jury watch dozens of works for a day, so they will not have a time and energy to notice the metaphor for Renaissance poetry or Kubrick’s first film. Idea should be simple, but with an original twist.

Don’t afraid of simple production. Car racings, epic battles and special effects are cool. But don’t forget that on this competition content often is more important than form.

3. Enjoy

But the most important tip — just relax and enjoy competition

These were Young Lions Film Competition winners 2018

Gold winning film

Young Lions Film Competition: Gold winner (Denmark)

Silver winning film

Young Lions Film Competition: Silver winner (Norway)

Bronze winning film

Young Lions Film Competition: Bronze winner (Russia)