• Please do not mention your names or agency’s name in the final video
  • The final film is saved as a high quality HD “.mov” or “.mp4”
  • Frame rate: preferably 24 fps, but 25 fps is also permitted
  • The max length of the film is 60 seconds. The minimum 30 sec.
  • The file name is “person1lastname_person2lastname_agency”.
  • Deadline of entry: Sunday 31 March 23:59.

Who can participate?

To be eligible to compete in the Film competition the team must be made up of two young professional under 30, working in creative communications /advertising/ digital agencies and holding the Belgian nationality.

Typically profiles are art director, producer, film maker or creative.

Freelancers will be accepted to compete in this competition.

Ready to submit your work?

Please fill out this form and send us your film. Fingers crossed!

We have solved the technical issue we have experienced yesterday night. Chances are high that our server went nuts by the income of so many data when you were uploading on the same time. To avoid the same problem, provide us with your WeTransfer link and we will do the download.