Young Lions Film Competition

Your ticket to Cannes!

Brightfish is looking for the best Belgian Young Lions Film team who will represent our country in the prestigious international Young Lions Film Competition in Cannes (FR) from 17 June until 21 June 2019. The Belgian team will compete with more than 45 other Young Lions film teams to win a Film medal on stage.

Your challenge in Cannes: You’ll be briefed by a charity or NGO about their communication challenge. Then you’ll have 48 hours to come up with an original idea in response to the brief, film your footage and edit it into a captivating ad. This will be judged by a selection of industry experts before the winner is crowned live at the festival.

The Belgian Competition

To select the best Belgian team, we organize a local competition simular to the international Young Lions Film Competition. All you need to win this Competition is strategic insight, creativity and editing skills.

Register as team 

In order to enroll in the competition, you will need to register you as a team. Each team consists of two Belgian young professionals younger than 30 years old, working in creative communications, advertising, digital agencies, typically as art director, producer, film maker or creative.

After registration, you will receive the brief. Not yet registered? Do so via via this link.

Receive the brief

Read the brief carefully and create a film that answers to this brief.

Film and edit

You use your own props, tools and skills to create your film. Keep in mind this is the Film category.  Your film can be maximum 60 seconds.

Enter your work before Sunday 31 March 23:59

Your film must be entered before Sunday 31 March midnight. A professional jury from Belgian CD’s and advertisers will judge all submitted works.

The jury will use a formal judging sheet, just as in Cannes, following the official Young Lions Film Competition criteria.

Watch all film entries on the cinema screen on Friday 5 April

On Friday 5 April, afternoon, we invite all participating teams and the Jury to a screening at Kinepolis Brussels. You’re welcome to take your partner, colleague, friends, parents, … with you.

Become the winnning team

After the screening, the winning team will be announced. Cross the fingers that will be you!

Stay for a movie

As an extra, since you are in cinema already, we’ll treat you on a movie night.

What can you win?

Aside from experience, honor, fame, also:

  • A unique access to the official Cannes Lions Young Film Competition
  • 2 x roundtrip airline tickets Brussels – Cannes
  • 2 x Young Lions festival passes with access to all sessions
  • Accommodation during the Cannes Lions festival 2019
  • Who knows: a medal onstage! The Gold winning Film team win passes and accommodation for the following years Festival.